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pop-up window when time ends

why don`t you put something like pop-up option, when time of one sessions ends? Sometimes it`s hard to notice, that session has finished. Pop-up window would help a lot.

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Focus Booster TeamAdminFocus Booster Team (Admin, focusboosterapp) commented  · 

        Hi everyone,

        Thanks for your feedback. We thought we would give you an update on this issue and our planned activity.

        We are currently in the process of raising funds (http://www.pozible.com/focusbooster) to allow the team some financial backing to revive focus booster.

        There is a v1.3 planned for release soon and after that we plan to assess what other visual cues we can add in to make your focus booster experience better. There is also mobile versions, integration points and reporting in the pipeline.

        focus booster

      • GreenGuyGreenGuy commented  · 

        Hi, I agree. There's an interesting, if not especially attractive option configurable within 'Cool Timer' from Harmony Hollow software (which otherwise is not so good as Focus Booster). This allows you to see a scrolling, ticker-tape-style message at the end of the period, that you have actively to close off to remove. Within this, you can configure your own text. If using that app, I therefore see a message saying 'Another 25 minutes done! Good work!' whenever I finish each pomodoro.' It's a nice extra touch, but wouldn't have to be optional, of course.

      • FernandoFernando commented  · 

        It will be good that the app, when reach the final of a pomodoro session, dim the screen. Like a fade animation similar to lighboxes on web sites. You can view an example of what I mean in the screenshot of these apps: http://goo.gl/bGnf0 , http://goo.gl/U4TUu With this effect, people that can’t hear the sound at the finish of session, can be informed visually that the session finished. It also help with accessibility for people that are deaf. And it would be perfect if we can have an option in the configuration panel to force lockout the screen when the pomodoro session finish until the break finish (lockout for 5 minutes). This will force the hardcore pomodore fans to take the breaks.

      • Geoff HudikGeoff Hudik commented  · 

        I like the ability to have a pop-up so long as it is configurable so it is not forced.

      • PaulPaul commented  · 

        Definitely a pop-up window would be a great option!! I also miss it.

      • VenkataramanVenkataraman commented  · 

        Yes. Popup would be a great feature. On the right click of the Focusbooster in system tray, we should have an option similar to "Enable Timeend Popup". It would be helpful feature, as we cannot keep volume in our cubicle as beep sound is hurting others, when they hear beep.

      • Tom GlenTom Glen commented  · 

        I dont think this is necessary - the alarm and the shaking of the large window is more than enough for me.

      • ReluctantScholarReluctantScholar commented  · 

        I use this app from the web. It would be great if you could display the time on the tab and then flash the tab when the time was up. Great app. I really like it

      • SamSam commented  · 

        This would be really useful! Simply bringing the window to the front would seem like the simplest solution to adding a visual clue that the time is over. Really nice app btw, keep up the good work ;)

      • AFKAFK commented  · 

        +1 for visual alarm

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        Means a visual alarm. Don't have to be a pop up I think. The system tray icon flashing can be enough

      • ACEACE commented  · 

        Pop-up would be great... Otherwise focus is on timer rather than on job...

      • hxhhxh commented  · 

        I'm also listening to pandora while I'm working. Another suggestion would be to make the sound louder so if you are listening to something, you will be able to hear it.

        Another suggestion would be to force your computer to "lock" when it is over, forcing you to take a break

      • AtkinAtkin commented  · 

        Some form of system tray popup notification would be great, it means you can then hide the main window and don't need to keep checking progress.

      • GordonGordon commented  · 

        + 1 for pop-up or some visual clue when the timer ends. I don't have sound and I don't want to keep the timer on top whilst I am working because it is distracting. Therefore, when the timer ends I have no way of knowing unless I remember to check the timer.

      • deaf258deaf258 commented  · 

        Again, is there a way to add flashing screen effects in optional color? Deaf people would use this as well as people who do not have sound enabled on their computers.

      • Вася ПупкинВася Пупкин commented  · 

        I support this feature request. I often miss the sound notification, so a popup window would be really nice.

      • MikeMike commented  · 

        Sound choice could be interesting, but I like the idea of a window because I'm usually listening to Pandora when I'm working, so often times I miss the sounds.

        Perhaps making the alarm sound LONGER could be considered? Or, to put the ideas together, make the alarm ring NONSTOP UNTIL you click ok on the pop-up window?

      • potassumpotassum commented  · 

        Or let user choose his own sound, which would be a longer than original beep.

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